Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maybe Dad SHOULD of named me Grace....

Instead of "I didn't name you Grace, for a good reason!"

The way my returns are prepared at work: I do battery cores first. Today I happened to have 18 cores (dead batteries) to return. With that many, I give them their own pallet. Using 2 pallets really restricts my working space. So, I got the 18 battery cores bagged, labeled, and put onto the pallet. Then I began to add the warranty returned batteries. "Cores" do not have to match specific batteries or label numbers. "Warranty" batteries MUST match a specific battery with a specific label number. I was missing one specific warranty battery. I go searching among the cores that have already been bagged and palleted. Sure enough, there was my specific battery- and the person who warrantied it failed to label it properly. So I have to wriggle it free from the others on the pallet in order to put the specific label on it, and replace a core battery in the labeled core bag.

Remember me mentioning tight quarters with two pallets?  I had the battery worked free... got my foot tangled beneath the pallet, slipped on the disheveled bags from searching for the specific battery! I did a 180* twist with my body, and fell over the pallet of batteries- not quite completing a 360* forward flip... to land splat on my back- having slung the battery in my hand halfway across the room.

To give my co-workers credit, they rushed to my aid instead of applauding. I had to lay there for a moment and finish my litany of unkind remarks against the person who failed to label the battery in the first place. Nothing is broken, sprained or bleeding. But I am twisted, bruise, scraped and sore. I can only imagine what morning will feel like! I was helped to my feet and finished the Returns.

Today wasn't as bad as I had expected, after not receiving freight Saturday-Tuesday. I was off by 1:15... that was almost a 7 hour day.

A beautiful black and yellow butterfly met me as I got home, and came and lit on the screen door as I was preparing to enter the house!

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