Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Mother's day

I had a good mother's day. It started out with sleeping in... til 20 past 7! (Yes, that really IS sleeping in these days!) Then as Mr C and I prepared to go to get groceries, my eldest son called. It is a nice thing to get a call from him once in awhile.
After arriving back from the store, where we got a couple of racks of ribs to grill, Dan and Sam set up a sitting area for me

 in the back yard, overlooking the garden.

Then, two of the grandkids showed up.....

 With flowers! These are added to the bouquet Tommy sent me... so I got two big bouquets this year.

I got calls from all of my children (except the Individuals, who were here with me!)

Tom and I called our Mom's and wished them happy Mom's Day.

Connor suffered a fractured arm when a cousin slammed a door on it. His first broken bone.

The cookout was delicious. We had spinach salad fresh from the garden along with the ribs, scalloped potatoes and grilled portabella mushrooms.

I hope your day was as blessed as mine was.

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Anonymous said...

I like how your sitting area turned looks inviting to sit and watch the gardening being done......LOL. I am glad you had a good Mother's Day!