Monday, May 27, 2013

Little things...

For those of you who have asked, the steaks at The Wooden Spoon were AWESOME. We had a nice evening out. I came home and promptly fell asleep.

Yesterday, Dale Teel and Matthew came out to do some target shooting. Matthew has grown SO much since we kept him. He is almost ready for third grade... after his summer, of course! This was the first time we have spent much time with Matthew since we quit babysitting him the summer before he started school. He still is very energetic.

We grilled cheese stuffed hamburgers, and I tried a recipe for scalloped potatoes in the slow cooker. The lettuce and spinach for the burgers was fresh from the garden.


This morning I REALLY slept in. It was 20 til 9 when I stumbled out of bed in search of magical elixir of wakefulness- a.k.a. coffee. Since I am usually up by 5:15 on workdays, that was quite a sleep! After having some coffee and a breakfast of leftover scalloped potatoes sprinkled with leftover chopped turkey breast, I went out to water my flowers. Mr C was adding a new string to the top of the peas trellis. I went over to help 'train' the peas onto the strings, gently untangling their seeker tendrils and guiding them to the strings.

I felt a bug land on my calf! Yes, I jumped and looked! It was a butterfly... (or a moth?) My jump startled it as much as it had startled me. It flew off a couple off feet, then came right back and landed on my shoe. I offered it my finger, and it obligingly climbed right onto my hand. I walked from the garden up to the house with it, expecting it to take flight any moment. It just stood lit, tasting my hand. I called for Dan to bring out the camera and take pictures... then I gently encouraged it to climb onto my rosebushes. It climbed onto the roses, and flew... right back over to land on my hand again!

So, three times this butterfly chose to land on me. On Memorial Day.

After a few more minutes, I took it to the hummingbird feeder and showed it sugar water... and left it tasting that instead of my sweaty skin!

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