Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alrighty then....

I just got back from O'Reilly's. The talk with my former boss, Tim. He said to come in when I got back from vacation... which as it turned out wasn't vacation. I went in once last week, and drove by twice. Tim was out sick. Called yesterday, he said come by today.So I did.
Am I rehired?
Same old run-about as last year. Seems he never did talk to HIS boss about rehiring me. And then there is the 'we don't hire in the middle of the winter'. He will get back to me, after he talks to his boss on Friday.
And we couldn't of done this over the phone? (I am a bit exasperated.)

Meanwhile, back on the homefront, Tom went to add Dan and Sam to the vehicle insurance yesterday. He learned that rules have changed somewhat since the older kids were insured. Homeschoolers need to produce a copy of standardised test scores, in which the student scores in the top 20 percentile. We have one month to produce such scores. I sent for the tests yesterday. (Arkansas doesn't require that the test be administered by a professional tester.) The boys are hard at work studying for the tests.

Five days until Grandson Connor turns 12! My how time has flown. I need to think up a birthday gift for him... or maybe he would prefer cash? Most teens like money better than anything their uncool old grandparents might pick out for them.

January is half over. Wow. I have no idea where it went. Guess I ought to get busy and have something to show for it. Have a blessed day!

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