Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I took a downward turn yesterday, feeling really awful, with a nose running like a leaky faucet. I was surprised this morning at how much better I feel.
I plan to go by the library once Dan gets home from work this afternoon. Then, perhaps, by the local bookstore. As I mentioned before, Grandson Connor will be turning TWELVE on the 20th. It is too late to mail order any birthday gifts, so looks like I *must* actually go shopping. I am thinking of a copy of The Hobbit for his gift from his Dad. (As Chris is unable to shop for the kids himself.) Not sure what I will get him from CowGranny and Grumpaw. I am considering his Mom's suggestion of Star Wars Legos.  I have been tossing around in my mind, maybe some sort of journal. I wonder if I could find one with writing prompts for pre-teen/teen boys. I know that writing often helps me sort out my feelings about things, and did even from a young age.

Aha! I wandered away from my blog post to research the idea of a teen boy journal. I found this: Boy's Journal

So perhaps I will get him something like that. One can HOPE he would use it!

It's a very pretty, if cold, day out today. Not that I have set foot out at all, in days. Having licensed driving, trustworthy kids is such a blessing. (Oh yeah, after a few minutes thinking it over, I HAVE been out... to O'Reilly's yesterday. ) I think I tend to hibernate. And if I don't MAKE myself go out, I can happily avoid any live interaction with people outside the family.

Have a blessed afternoon!

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