Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another day...

The testing continues... for me, it's been three days on the CAT. For Daniel and Sam, it is two each. They will be finishing up tomorrow.
I haven't left the house today... but I had been forcing myself out to walk in the days before that.  I'm just COLD and don't want to get out! (Long sleeved T shirt, oversized short sleeved T over that, and a cardigan sweater over that... I'm INSIDE and I'm cold.)

Dan took Sam to work this morning, and went to pick him up this afternoon. Having a willing and able driver is great.
Our status quo has remained stable here.... no word on the job, haven't decided on making an offer on the house.

Our next planned adventure is Tom's mom's 80th birthday, at the end of April. Then at the end of June, down to meet the newest Coder in Texas. Meanwhile, we keep plugging along.

Have a blessed day!

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