Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Week

It has been some kind of week. I've been at my Mom's, with Daniel. Roger's memorial service was Saturday. My cousin Jeanie's husband Ronnie did the eulogy. My brother Robbie, my (step) Mom Kathie, and I all got up and said a few words. My step brother David suggested we play "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.
I am estimating some 60 people there, perhaps a bit more. There were people from his online gaming community there, as well as from his home away from home- Hooters. The Hooters crew has since emailed Mom and wants to stay in touch. People Roger worked with showed up, as well as far flung family.
I was glad to get to see family members we hadn't seen in years, as well as my children and grandchildren, brothers and parents. (Nieces, nephew, cousins, Aunts, second cousins, my Godfather, his son Greg, who I last saw almost exactly eight years ago.) One thing stood out... Roger was VERY much loved.

Roger passed away of an acute coronary thrombosis, which is a blood clot to the heart. while Dan traveled down to Ft. Worth with me last week, Sam has been here since Friday. (Dan and Tom had to return to Arkansas Sunday.)
Mom, Sam and I have cleaned out Roger's room.
For me, the things I cried hardest over were some of the things he saved. I found pictures- including one of baby Chris "To Uncle Roger" labeled as when Chris was six weeks old. I haven't seen a copy of that picture in close to 30 years. A birthday card I sent several years ago. letters from a pen pal/ old school friend? We don't know which it was, but they apparently wrote for a number of years. I am trying to reach him on Facebook.

We have posted pictures to a share site:

As I say every chance I post... Hug someone you love today. Let them know you care!

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