Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Testing.... testing.....

Is this thing on?
 Howdy. Today began the Individuals taking their first Standardized Achievement test. We are not finishing it all in one day.
Tomorrow morning, Daniel works. Thursday morning, Samuel works. Friday they both work... but not until evening. The tentative plan is that they will each take the next couple of test segments while the other is at work.
We just finished the Language Expression section... boy was that a doozy! But I am confident it has been their best section thus far. Thankfully, the boys are annoyed by poor language use. Most of the incorrect answers sounded like pure hillbilly speech.
By the end of the day, both were far less anxious about the remainder of the test than they were going in. I CAN see we need to work on spellun skilz.

So far, no word back from O'Reilly's. House hunting remains status quo. Tommy got moved to his new little place in Ballinger.

Since Becky hasn't blogged lately, I'm swiping her latest Tyrel story.
Sunday after church, Becky and several others stayed the afternoon at the   Z.   home. Tyrel came running into the kitchen. "Miss Julie, (Mrs. Z) I don't want to alarm you... but there is a strange truck coming up your driveway!"  (Mrs. Z offers her opinion on who the stranger might be.) Ty came back quickly with, "I don't know about that... I've never seen this truck before!"

If Tyrel says he hasn't seen a particular truck before... you can take it to the bank! He is a detail oriented kid... and he remembers every little thing.

Yet another of my friends has a medical concern regarding her child. Kerri's son Wesley got bad reports on routine lab work monitoring a condition he has. At the moment, Wes has NO immunity to germs at all. Kerri is fighting the fear this could be indicating leukemia- and is hoping it is just a reaction to his routine medications for his condition. Please lift the Morrow family up in your prayers.

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