Thursday, June 6, 2013


My how the months are passing!
This past weekend I was able to attend my son and DIL's baby shower in San Angelo. I got to fly out on Saturday... but there were no flights available to return. My Mom and Ralph kindly said they would drive me back to Arkansas if I got to fly in for the party. So my visit was short, but I did get to see my kids! We left San Angelo Sunday, for Ft Worth, then drove on to Arkansas Monday.

Paula is 37 weeks along now! So we could have the new grandbaby any time. Mr C and the Individuals are headed to San Angelo the last week of June. I can't get time off until July... so I will hold down the house and garden, dog, and job.

My "babies" will be 17 in less than 2 weeks. Eleven more days! Their co-workers are throwing them a party at their (private) school. They will have a cookout, and play softball. I'm pretty sure it is their first non-family party. They already have their birthday gifts from Mr C and myself. Sam wanted a dressy hat, and Daniel wanted a mechanical metronome for his guitar. (I also got them the latest Piano Guys CD)
(If you click on the highlighted words, it will take you to see pictures!)

Hope you have a blessed day! Thanks for reading!

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