Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Sense of Community....

Daniel and Samuel are now SEVENTEEN! We celebrated their birthday yesterday. First off, Tom and I took them to Cabelas and turned them loose. Daniel chose a new hat, a nice survival/orienteering compass, and a tactical lightweight flashlight. Sam chose a mummy style sleeping bag, and a very nice pair of leather gloves.

Later in the day, we went to a birthday party in their honor, held by their co-workers from The Wooden Spoon in Gentry, out at the Mennonite School.
Can I repeat that?
There must have been 60 people show up. Not all were co-workers, but they all knew Daniel and Sam. They played volleyball, since rain had eliminated softball as an option. One of their former co-workers now works at the bank... she came. As did a former co-worker who brought along her reason for quitting- a precious little baby boy.
Happy birthday was sung to each of the boys in turn. Then supper was blessed and served- grilled hamburgers, chips, watermelon, and TWO kinds of home made ice cream!

It was pretty close to the largest birthday party I have ever been to. Most of the community know the boys, and a fair number know me from O'Reillys.
The boys have  reputations as hard working, honest, and smart young men. They are not only known from The Wooden Spoon, but from working with our neighbors. Both boys have helped one neighbor on a regular basis. He has introduced them to his friends, and sponsored them into the Tired Iron of the Ozarks Tractor Club. Another neighbor complimented Tom on the boys when they have gone over, unasked, and helped him as he worked to repair the fence along the front of his place.
Happy Birthday, boys!


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