Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quite the exciting day on the job....

If you think enraged customers and policemen are exciting.

The shop customer that really upset me a few months back (and has cussed me several times since then, simply for not being the person he wanted to speak to on the phone) came in to the store today. My nickname for this guy is Spawn of Satan. (SOS)
He began telling a customer that my boss was waiting on, that he could get the same parts for less money at Auto Zone. This is not the first time SOS has done this. Today, Boss asked SOS to please step into his office, and politely asked him to refrain from recommending other parts stores while standing in ours. (We don't go to this guy's shop and recommend his customers take their business elsewhere.)

That was all it took. SOS is a known hothead. He went off like a match set to gasoline. I was putting away freight when I heard the loud cursing coming my way. One co-worker was trying to calm SOS and get his parts to get him out of the store. SOS followed the co-worker, loudly cursing and daring the manager to step into the parking lot.

There were several customers in the store as this tirade went on and on, and on. They looked at me and wondered if they should be leaving until this was resolved.

Suggestions were made as to the manager's parental units morals. It was also suggested the manager copulates with his parental unit, while also performing impossible acts with himself, and possibly upon same gender ethnic persons anatomy. With quite a number of times demanding that our sovereign deity cast the manager into the lake of fire.

This went on and on. The boss failed to respond to the taunts, threats, and suggestions. Just as the police were pulling into the parking lot, SOS stormed out the door. The police detained him and spoke to him, as well as sending officers inside to speak to the boss.

It was pretty scary. I locked the driver's back entrance, since SOS frequently comes into the store through that door rather than the front door.

I had to write a statement of what I saw for our company files, to be sent to headquarters.
SOS will no longer be served by our store personnel. The Bosses supervisor called and spoke to me and my other co-workers who witnessed this. The decision is being made to swear out a trespass warrant against this guy and keep him off the property.

So... hope tomorrow is not as exciting!

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