Sunday, June 23, 2013


 This is a fairly large colander- filled with peas I picked Tuesday. Yesterday Alana and I picked ALL the peas in the garden, as the heat was starting to kill them off. The plants were then sent to the compost pile. We got two bowls the size of the colander. We also got quite a few squash. Even eating it every day, the squash are starting to stack up on us. (Perhaps I should make some squash relish?) I will have green beans coming on in another week or less.

 Alana helped me shell peas. I had chicken cooking on the grill, so we sat out under the shade tree in the yard and worked. I am so glad I had help in dealing with all those peas! I will have to process them today- blanch and freeze. The little pods for stir-fry, and the shelled peas for other meals.  We cooked some for supper, as well as sautéing some zucchini and yellow squash together with onions... all from our garden!
Alana and Tom and Sam headed off to Texas this morning. Back in November when Mr C had to put in his vacation request for the entire coming year, we had really thought Baby Coder would be here by now! And that I would be getting to go down and meet Baby as well. So far, Baby hasn't arrived though it could be any hour now.
Alana is so excited to be going to stay at her Uncle Becky's house.
While in San Angelo, Mr C may be helping Ben and Paula work on their house. It would be great to see them get the kitchen done.
Things at work didn't change much. SOS 'cannot be banned from the store'... a decision from Corporate headquarters. He did seek out a couple of the co-workers and apologize to them. I had a lot of little projects planned around the house while Mr C is gone. Instead of getting to work on them, I get to do a full 40 hour week at O'Reillys. Boss is on his vacation, and the youngster in charge wants all the planograms we are falling behind in completing, finished before HIS vacation starts. 
Dan stayed home with me, as his boss forgot about Sam and Dan needing to be off next week, and others are away. Dan will work in Sam's place on Thursday, and Sam will fly in before work on Friday.

 The garden this morning... you can see it is all tilled back up where the peas were, and where the spinach and lettuce were growing. The onions look lonely, don't they?

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