Friday, June 7, 2013

Proof that you cannot be startled to death...

I get to work really early. This morning as I walked in the door, I was met by the dangerously leaning pallet of doom. Some (expletive deleted) person at the warehouse did the worst job I have ever seen at stacking a pallet. It literally was falling over- held up by nothing more than a bit of tape, a layer of shrink wrap, and some good imagination. Not sure how the driver managed to get it in the door without it falling on him. Anyway, being at the store that early- I decided it was in my best safety interests to find other things to do than check in the freight; at least until other people arrived.

I began stocking shelves. I quickly realized I had left my box knife out in the car, and was just headed out the door to get it. I had the door opening, when there came a knock. One of my other co-workers (Chad) sometimes arrives a little early.
But no, it wasn't my co-worker.
It was a Mexican guy who works at one of the nearby garages. I wouldn't mention that he was Mexican, except that he spoke very little English and my little bit of Spanish doesn't cover car parts. He just walked right in! He pointed at the item he needed, and tried to give me a wad of cash to cover it. I had to use a co-workers register numbers to even get into a screen that would allow a sale. the guy didn't have enough money... so I took back the part and he took back the money and left. Whew! I was having trouble making him understand that *I* do not have authority to let him into the building, much less sell him merchandise an hour before the store is supposed to open!

I scurried on out to the car and got my box knife, securely locked the door, and went back to stocking shelves. I thought I heard someone pounding on the door again- but continued working in the back room. As I came out of the storage area with my hands full- THERE is my co-worker Chad! I about passed out from being startled, but I didn't die. I was thinking there for a moment my heart had actually stopped beating!

Chad had indeed arrived early, to find our Mexican customer once again pounding on the back door and demanding entrance. He dealt with the guy, selling him the part and getting him on his way. Having seen my car, but not me, Chad had come looking for me.
He took pictures of the leaning tower of freight, then helped me down stack it so that I could get busy getting it checked in.

I said the guy from the shop had better not be getting into the habit of thinking I am going to open the door and let him in at the crap of dawn every morning. He WAS asking what time I usually arrived to work!

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