Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perking right along...

The garden is beautiful!

This is the backside of our well pump house. I have been fairly careful to avoid it being in pictures on the blog, as it was an eyesore junk heap of old bicycles, torn up tomato cages, scrap metal, wood and broken flower pots.
I got my strong young men to clean it up for me. Not a single snake was uncovered, though a few spiders were displaced. I have a bit of grey paint left from painting the screen door frame last summer, so my plan is to paint the yellow and brown side. The other three sides are already grey. I have no idea why they left this side unpainted, but it has been so since we moved in almost 9 tears ago. (Nine years is a long time to rent a place.) Every time I have suggested making it more homey, I have been met with the fact it is a rental and we could move any time, why bother? I finally just began fixing things up as I would like them, I don't care if we DO move soon. What if we DON'T move? I could of been enjoying this place a lot more for the past near-decade.
Anyway... I am still considering: shall I get a lattice and climbing roses to plant along this side? It faces west and only gets about 4 hours of sun a day, before trees on the western edge of the property shade it again. Or plant irises, which my Mom has offered to me. Or maybe cannas? Perhaps paint a trompe l'oeil of garden flowers and do a rock garden with annuals or something. (We certainly have PLENTY of rocks!)
I have landscaping weed proof fabric available. I have just been sitting out on my bench and gazing at it, waiting for inspiration to strike while the weedy overgrowth dies from the Round Up sprayed on it.
Mr C is supposed to go to Texas in another 10 days or so... hoping to see the soon-to-be born baby of Ben and Paula. Since I have to stay home and work, I am thinking I could take on a little project. If you have any ideas to suggest, let me know!

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Truth said...

Wow, look at that garden! Sorry, I'm not much help with the other. Michael takes care of everything outside and doesn't let me do anything. He likes grass and hasn't let me plant a garden since we moved to this house 21 years ago. I do have pots of plants, but he takes care of them and insisted on helping me plant them.