Thursday, June 13, 2013

completly annoyed with the catch-22

When I started back at  my job, it was with the understanding that I could take unpaid time off to go on vacation with Tom, and Tom gets five weeks a year. It was a caveat of my returning to this job  that I would be taking time off at the end of April for my MILs birthday party in Ohio, in June for the birth of my grandbaby, in August for a family gathering, and a couple of times in the fall.

I discovered that I couldn't get off in June, as 'everyone else' had their paid vacations due then. So I set up for the first week of July to go see the new grandbaby. Made plans with other family members regarding transportation of grandchildren to various states. Then I get "bumped"... I can't take the entire week off, another co-worker had made plans for part of that week and his plans couldn't be changed. So I shortened my planned stay in Texas.

This morning, the boss calls me into the office and said I CANNOT take a week off. In fact, I CANNOT take ANY time off, other than my scheduled 2 days a week, because I haven't "been back with the company for a year yet" ... and I "already took my week of vacation, even though I wasn't supposed to get one."

WHAT? He had said No problem with me taking time off, just put it on the calendar! Then, Well, you can't take off this week or that week- with explanation. Now it is I cannot take off any time until next year. I am livid.

And I can't quit. If I quit, then we can't go anywhere at all. My income makes the difference. The catch-22.

Now I get to call my kids/ grandkids and tell them I have to change our plans yet again. (Some of which would not of been made in the first place if the boss had not given tacit consent.) I will have to try to fly down and meet the new baby... and fly back to AR a day later. Flying space available... so I am not only at the bosses mercy, but the airlines as well.

Thanks for listening to my raging.

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