Friday, January 3, 2014

Arretta Beard (aka Granny)

Today my Granny is 99 years old! Happy Birthday to her.
Growing up, Granny was a huge influence on my life.
She loves Jesus, and was always singing. She wrote several songs that have been sung around the world now.
I lived with Granny a few times during my life. She was never judgmental or preachy.
She was willing to listen to me, and interested in whatever music I was playing.

I used to sit for hours and listen to her stories about growing up. She never glossed over the times she was bad, or got into trouble, or was a flat out brat! But even those times had lessons in them.

Granny collected chickens, and salt shakers when she was younger. Later on, bears, and then Taco Bell Chihuahuas.

We had a big shindig for Granny's 90th birthday. She was so happy, so radiant. Granny said it was her 'going away' party. She was ready to "go Home".

Granny is still with us, residing in a caring nursing center. I visit her every opportunity I get to go to Texas. I happened to arrive one day just as she was being got up from her nap. The caregiver,  a young man, didn't see me outside the doorway. He finished combing her hair, very gently, and told her how pretty she looked.

It is how you SHOULD treat people when no one is watching.

Granny cannot communicate as well as she used to. He songs are no longer sung by her. Her eyes are clouded, and she doesn't see well. But she still will give you a kiss, and a hug.

One of the last times I saw her, a year ago this week, I was hugging her goodbye. I asked her to please give a big hug to my son Bill and my brother Roger when she does get to go Home. Granny grabbed me, and hugged me hard.
She's still in there.

I love you, Gran. When the time came for me to think of what my grandkids would call me, there was no doubt I wanted to be "Granny".
Happy Birthday. If you decided Heaven has waited long enough, you don't have to stay to that big 100 mark, but it would be awesome if you do.

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Truth said...

What a blessing to read this! What a wonderful example of Christianity to not judge and always listen and be open to those around you.

99 is huge, but gosh, 100 would be pretty spectacular! What a glorious reunion it will be for her when she gets to heaven and hugs your brother and son.