Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6th...

I finished Mrs. Wanda's birthday frame. Got it to her house on her birthday. (the 4th).
Today I mod-podged  a picture to a canvas... I had intended to frame the photo, but sheesh, 16x20 frames are PRICEY! And I had a canvas on hand.
Yeah, I'm frugal.
The canvas had been given to me. I treated it in an all over light coat of acrylic paint, but then the photo took up the whole canvas anyway, so it was sort of wasted effort.
(The 16x20 was a 'freebie' from Shutterfly awhile back!... pay postage!) The photo covered the canvas completely. I thought of doing a lace edging, but that would keep the recipient from framing it, if desired.

Tomorrow... back to work. A full week. But Saturday (after work!), I head to Texas to see family. Dan and Sam are buying their brother Ben's truck. We can hopefully take care of paperwork next Monday, and head back here Tuesday.

DS Tommy got registered and moved into his dorm at Christ For The Nations International today.
He never imagined living in the city... especially not the city of Dallas!
Praying for him to find a suitable job soon, and grateful to those who helped him get to CFNI.

Guess it IS bedtime. Have a blessed night!

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