Friday, January 17, 2014

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Or plugging along as best as you can.
That would be me.
The twins and I went to Texas over the past weekend and collected Ben's old truck- which is now Sam's new truck!
I am sorry if I missed seeing you! (Whitney, Nola, Julie, Glynna and Nickole, etc..)
Sam, Daniel, and Tommy at Mooyah!

Jean (My Aunt!)

My Granny and I, a few days past her 99th birthday

Dakota and Kimber

Benjamin and his Jasher

The Jasher

Tyrel and Kimber

Dakota Rose

Dakota and Bucky

How often do you see a guy pushing a stroller while riding a unicycle? (Sam)

Our own parade: Paula carrying Jasher, Kimber, *child P. sits*, Dan on Powerizers;
back: Becky, Sam

Ben dressed in his fire department uniform

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Stephen Coder said...

Ben looks Mexican with that mustache. And you have an odd way of spelling Isaac