Friday, January 24, 2014

Look, I didn't take so long for the next post!

I haven't been keeping up too well on my "make something every day". That's Ok, though. I've been trying to just 'keep up'. Sometimes I feel like I'm juggling too many balls. Then I remember I don't know HOW to juggle. Silly me!

This is Friday- the evening Mr C and I have at home, allllll alone. When home for lunch, Tom wasn't feeling well. He may be catching one of the bugs that has been going around.
I am reminded that in less than six months, ALL of our children will be "officially" grown up.  I don't believe the twins will be running right out the door the day they turn 18. By the time Dan leaves for his Appalachian trail hike, he will be closer to 19. Sam hasn't expressed any ideas on moving out yet.
I am thinking maybe we ought to be looking for smaller places. (With big guest quarters!)

Originally, I had planned on chicken thighs, and sautéed mixed greens for supper. But with just the two of us... that will be tomorrows plan! I got out the wee slow cooker and tossed a small package of boneless ribs into it. I added some flat ginger ale to get the simmer going- and let them cook a few hours. Didn't take long til they were falling apart. So I drained off the liquid, ran the 'ribs' through the food processor, and added BBQ sauce. Back into the slow cooker... and it is BBQ sammiches for supper.

Daniel and Sam listen to a lot of music on YouTube. They have run across some very interesting people. One fellow was stumbled upon as Sam searched for Ocarina music. Dan was playing one of this fellows many tunes- the talented guy is David Erick Ramos- (he plays guitar and ukulele as well!) and I found myself humming along. It was what (D.E.R.) described as his favorite jazz song. He was alternating between ocarina and ukulele. I recognized it as a tune that has always hit my heart core- but up until yesterday had no idea! it also had words. Ranks right up there with Puff the Magic Dragon, and Greensleeves, in making me nostalgic (and weepy!)
In my obsession with this song since yesterday, I learned it is called Heart and Soul . Dean Martin sang it. Before him, a Hoagy Carmichael. Then, I found Ella Fitzgerald.
I have never heard her sing anything- she being before my time, and I never sought out any Jazz singer on purpose. Oh my gosh. She has one of the most awesome voices I have ever heard!
The song goes back as far as the late 1920's- and while Dean Martin, and David Erick Ramos may of sang it- it is a song from an old fashioned woman's point of view. Both boys have been either playing it, or humming it for two days now.
So, anyway... that's all for today.

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