Friday, January 31, 2014

January last!

What a month it has been. The weather here has been bi-polar. From sub-zero, to warm enough to open the doors and windows, back to sub-arctic, back to sunshine.
On one of the warmer days, the guys went over to the shop belonging to a friend of our neighbor. The truck was put onto a lift, and they got the clutch and clutch slave actuator bearing changed.

Tonight is the third time Sam has driven the truck to work.
He is doing fairly well with the standard shift these days. Daniel is also improving.

I got to talk to Chris yesterday. It is always so good to hear his voice! I haven't been able to go see him in over a year- closer to  a year and a half.  He was doing OK.
I also got to talk to Tommy, who really seems to be enjoying college. Between classes, and TWO new jobs, Tommy may be harder to keep up with!

Tis the season around here, for winter restlessness to set in. If we are going to find a place to move to before fall, now is the time to do it, so we can get the garden growing! Tom and I both have time off scheduled for the first week of June, to travel to Texas and meet the new Baby Jones. Then Mr. C doesn't have ANY time off until Thanksgiving... and I *never* have any actual vacation time coming, with the changes in infrastructure causing part-timers to lose benefits. My Bosschild has been good about letting me take an occasional day off, even if it is without pay.

Looks like there will be no 30th anniversary shindig. Not that I actually expected there would be. But, no time off- so I can't plan anything anyway.  :( (And I did suggest taking some vacation time about then, back when Mr C had to bid vacation... but he wasn't interested in any time off in August.)

I'm trying to decide how to torment a bit of hamburger for our supper for two, tonight. Maybe I will brown it up and add it to some scalloped taters. Sounds good to me!

That's about all for now. Thanks for reading!

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