Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another country heard from....

OK, so it wasn't really a country- it was my friend Angie! We have emailed a couple of times over the past six or seven months, but it has been ages since I actually spoke to her. Since I did, I know she is having a medical test today as a follow-up to a previous test, and requests our prayers for a good outcome.

Angie is one of my longest standing friends... from back before I ever even met Tom. In fact, she came to me after I had met him, and told me she had had a dream that I was married to Tom. I told her she could just go right back to sleep and keep dreaming... it wasn't going to happen. LOL- she has always had prophetic dreams!
I made the deeee-licious pork chops, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and peas'n'carrots for supper last night. Then the gravy attacked me. I think I am just going to have to STOP with ANY milk product... or investigate some lact-aide pills. I was miserable almost as soon as I finished eating- got that feeling like I was "choking"... like swallowing a big bite of dry food that just hangs in the esophagus. I get the same feeling if I eat cottage cheese, or ice cream, or yogurt. I KNOW the food goes down- even drinking water doesn't help when I feel like I'm "choking". I know it isn't choking, because I can breathe just fine. Stupid lactose intolerance... I LOVE gravy!
Wanda gave me a birthday present yesterday, since she won't see me til after my birthday. She gave me a "hurricane" candle holder from Home Interiors. Dan said it looks like a big wine glass, and Sam piped in with "I bet it could hold half a box!". Brats!
She also gave me a candle, some cuptowels, and some soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works.
Oh boy... I am already getting presents... I can stretch my birthday out for days now!
Today, we have schoolwork, the boys have their rooms to clean. Packing of the van, general readiness for the guys to depart in the morning. I'm sure this will involve the creation of more laundry to do.

Oh yeah... like now. I crabbed at Dan some weeks back- his constant shifting of the furniture to sweep under it was tearing up the floor. I told him to STOP shoving the couch (hide-a-bed) and recliners across the Pergo. I suggested some of the microfiber cleaning pads be placed under the feet of the furniture, so it would slide more readily. Dan uses bath towels. Dirtying up five towels at a time... I suppose they can use them to dry the dogs later. (Because the dogs do get bathed before anyone rides 800 miles with them!)

He cleans very thoroughly.
Ok... I can't think of what else I was going to say today, so I am off here for now!

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Tommy said...

Ha ha Mom called the twins brats.