Friday, October 3, 2008


The twins are supposed to be doing schoolwork. Instead, they are outside. They are helping Ben make an electromagnet. And it is working.
So I am not screaming at them to get in here and do the worksheets I printed out, on this beautiful fall day. They are outside learning something. Shhhh! I don't want them to know it is educational.
Nothing makes something lose its appeal more quickly than finding out it is educational.
It is almost time for me to go to work. The whirlwind weekend work schedule.
The laundry room looks good. The laundry itself is pretty well caught up. I sat and matched socks this morning while Dan and Sam worked on sorting out subject and predicates. The basket of matched socks is now much more full than the basket of unmatched socks. The boys cleaned off the porch for me yesterday afternoon. My big tree was brought inside- the frost will be here before we know it. So we are getting things accomplished.
We went to the import store yesterday. I bought an "oil change pan". It is a large, wide plastic bowl... I didn't see "oil pan". I saw "dog water bowl". It will hold plenty of water, while being stable enough it won't get tipped over. I also bought TWO boxes of caramel apple "Sugar Babies". They are a vile green color- but oh so tasty. The boys have been "sneezing" them into their hands, and "eating the boogers". Oh yeah- gotta love teen and tween boys. Which reminds me...

Benny will not be a teen next week. My middle child is entering his twenties. On Tuesday. *sniffle*
Have a great day!

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