Friday, October 31, 2008

End of October Ramblings

The blood pressure medication worked like a charm. My BP was at its pre-overweight level today. I know, since I bought a BP monitor. I went to the lab this morning, and they took blood to run a cholesterol test, as well as a blood glucose test. I got home, went to work. Got home... took my BP...
Apparently the "high" was no fluke. It was 159/100. I took the med with my supper, as the pharmacist recommended.

Last night the meds... or something... gave me wild and colorful dreams. That better come to a halt. I couldn't get woke up, though Tom did try at one point. I fought him off. And this is the LOWEST dose.

After I headed off to work, my Dr.'s nurse called... the test results are in. I "need to call" her.

Which Mr C told me after I got home at 7:20pm on a Friday night. So I get to wonder if Jeanie the nurse was calling to spare me a weekend of worry... or whether my blood tests merited immediate action of some sort. *sigh* I won't know until Monday.
DS #1 experienced his first earthquake last night. His building was evacuated. They thought it was an explosion. It was very mild... but just unexpected in the DFW area. Californians would not have blinked.
DS#2 called last night. He apparently has a "crater" in his left eye. Glasses can adjust him to 60/20. But he was informed he will eventually need a cornea transplant or face blindness in that eye.
DS#3 was offered a job at Wal Mart, pending a drug test.
DS#4 was finally contacted by "The Concho Pearl" movie, to 'volunteer' in some capacity.
DS#5 finished his third of a series in longer chaptered books, and was upset by the ending. The main character died, the antagonist lived. Book 4 awaits and I can't take him to the library until Monday.
DS#6.... Hmmm. He hasn't anything I can think of to report. He will be pleased.
My ONLYEST DD called before I got home, to talk to me. She hasn't called back.
My GD Alana caught 'cellulitis', and had to have a pus pocket drained... it extended deep into her leg and was severe enough to require being packed with cotton.
GS Gavin has learned to make a whiney sighing sound when told to do something. WAY too cute! It would be hard NOT to laugh if I were there to see him.
GS Tyrel discovered a shortcut off the porch... scoot to the edge, dangle the legs and DROP. Never mind if he is still a good foot off the ground, reports his other Grandmother.
Today was 'customer appreciation day" at O's. Free lunch to many. SLOOOOOOOOW to those of us supposedly working. Made the day feel like 20 hours long. Or maybe the long feeling day was due to getting up at the crap of dawn to go for blood tests.

For which the results are known.
But not to me.

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