Friday, October 17, 2008

oh deer

Tom and the boys left for Ohio at 6:05 this morning. They were back by 6:20. Not even two miles from the house, a deer leaped into their path.
It was a slow speed collision- the deer lived.
But it damaged the van pretty well. They couldn't drive it all the way to Ohio. So decisions were made. The front headlight on the passenger side, the grill, the passenger front quarter panel are all broken. The QP shifted so that the door will not open. The running light is broken, the headlight itself is not broken, but its framework is destroyed. It points off in an odd direction.

Tom went on up with the twins in his car... but no room for the dogs. So Ben is going to stay home with Drover and Jaffa. They got on the road a little after 9:00, after contacting the insurance agent when it was light enough out to assess the damages.

I am sticking to my plan- work today and tomorrow, and fly up Sunday.

Ben doesn't seem terribly upset at not going. He will use the time to work on his refractory oven.

That's about all.

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