Thursday, October 2, 2008

Same- O Same around here

Matt's mom picked him up yesterday and asked me to do another day trade... So we won't have Matt this coming Sunday or Monday, but will have him Thursday instead. I told her about taking Matt to the store, and how good he was.
She asked if I made him ride in the basket.
I said Yes.
So she ventured to ask: "And he didn't pitch a fit for you?"
I told her: "He isn't allowed to pitch a fit."

Nope. I refuse to be dictated to by a three year old. I told his Mom not to let him get away with disobedience. Matt heard me tell her this, and started at once to do things he is not allowed to do here. I told him to stop. Once.

(There is no counting down to obedience... That tells a kid he doesn't have to obey you right away)

He looked at me, he looked at Mom... and continued.
I got my spoon and swatted his backside. The first time he has been swatted with Mom here. He stopped misbehaving, but set up a caterwauling that could possibly be heard for miles.
Mom led him outside as the screeching intensified. I told Matt, "That's ENOUGH. Stop the howling right now." He quit in mid screech. Dried up the tears and wailing instantly.
Mom was impressed.
Or maybe thinking: "What sort of a mean woman have I been leaving my poor baby with all these months?"

Today's 'plans': After lessons this morning, we will go to the "distribution" store that Ben and Becky "discovered" while she was here. The twins have really been pestering us to go. It is one of those chinese import stores that has a hodge-podge of ultra cheap junk. (Like we need more junk.) Afterwards, maybe I will get those pictures picked up... since I will be half way to Siloam Springs anyway. I also want to get the laundry room done. Hmmmm. The possibility of using the distribution store as leverage to get the laundry room done has just crossed my beany brain...
My Mom and Ralph made it safely to the reunion site. Mom said the campgrounds at Beavers Bend are nearly empty this year. The price went up several dollars over last year. So far, the rest of the family hasn't started gathering... but this is just Thursday. The Taylor reunion is Friday- Sunday.
Mom's birthday occurs while they are at the reunion this year. She has her cell phone in case (subtle hint) any of her grandkids might want to give her a call.
well, I suppose I best go put clothes on. Yeah, it is after 9 and I am still sitting here in my PJs.
Have a wonderful day!

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roses said...

wow no wonder I got so many calls for my HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks it was phone didn't stop ringing all day. o