Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Day off...

It is Monday... and a rarefied day off! Semi-unexpected, as I mentioned last week, Wanda swapped me Sunday and Monday off from Matt in exchange for this Thursday. I was thinking of a field trip for the boys... but it is a rainy day and supposed to be severe storms moving in quickly.
Be praying for my Mom and Ralph... driving home through severe storms. Pulling a travel trailer. Yuck! I'm sure Mom will be in knots by the time they reach home.
She said that there were fewer folks at the reunion this year for various reasons- illness, gas shortages, and in my case, work. The twins were especially missed, many people asked about them. Their favorite reunion relative was one of the people who was too ill to come.
I suppose that if we DON'T go on a field trip, we best get our school lessons started. How do you like that?... even my 'days off' are only from paid positions, not from all responsibility.

We can make Ben a birthday cake. Find out what he wants for his birthday dinner. We still haven't got him a present. (Hey Tommy, what did you get for your birthday this year?) I found one thing I intend to get him from O'Reilly's for his forge stuff.
I suppose I should just quit rambling, since I really don't have much to say. Have a blessed day!

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Tommy said...

I got my leather socks...I mean boots.