Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October FIRST!!!

My favorite month.
Is it because this is my birthday month? I still look forward to birthdays like a little kid. Even though I will be 48 this year. I have been working on a wish list at Amazon... though so far, it only has books. I deleted almost all the stuff that has been there since we lived in Marlow.

Less than three weeks until we go to Ohio... oh yeah, oh yeah! (Wanda asked if Becky and Ty are coming along.... or Tommy? I don't know. I haven't even spoken to Tommy in weeks. He is like his Dad when it comes to using a telephone. He doesn't, unless forced.

Oh, At O's last weekend, I got to reset the floormats, steering wheel covers, and seat covers. There is a line of TINKERBELL stuff. Totally cute.

But unless I miss my guess, this is not going to be a big selling line. All of the girls who have seen it have ohhed and ahhed... and been vetoed by the guys. Any vehicle that has the potential of being driven by a male driver will never be decked out in Tinkerbell. I told one guy, "It takes a real man to drive a fairy car". He said that man was NOT going to be him. Maybe I will sell some to a teen girl driver who has her own car. If she has a boyfriend... they would take his car to go out!


On my agenda today... after we accomplish our school work, I want to go pick up the pictures I sent for developing at WM last week. Then stop by the local grocery that has a huge meat stock up sale going on. Tomorrow is my day off... no plans for it yet. Maybe tackle the laundry room ... again. I have so many "hot spots" of clutter that need to be dealt with. The table, the desks, the school file cabinet. Who knows, maybe they will show the house while we are gone. (can you all say riiiiiight! ? They have shown the place five times in the sixteen months it has been on the market.) Still, I like coming home to a clean house.


I continue to dream about moving almost every night. Last night, in my dream, we decided we would buy the house we were renting. Except it wasn't THIS house. It was one with a barn and acreage. Not anyplace we have ever actually lived.
I tried posting this earlier...but my computer is acting weird again. The post is shorter... Oh well. It isn't like I was saying anything important.

I braved taking Matt to the grocery store a bit ago. He was actually well behaved! Hooray. We stocked up on a major meat sale going on. Quick trip, local market.... In Training pants... and he not only behaved, he stayed dry. It seems like a major accomplishment.

Oh, I didn't go as far as WalMart. Tomorrow is another day!

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