Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am feeling much better today. I went to bed early, but sleep escaped me for the longest time. Tom had to shut the windows and turn on the AC despite the wonderful cool night breeze. Seems our delightful neighbors decided it was a great evening to burn trash. Their trash had plenty of things that shouldn't be burned. Things like plastic bottles... which give off a terrible smell. The breeze had their smoke drifting directly into our windows.
I called Bob yesterday. He was still in the hospital, but raring to go home. Somehow, speaking to someone yourself does more to calm the niggling little fears you may not even realize you have than having half a dozen people tell you that person is OK. Not that I ever thought anyone was lying, I just needed to hear his voice for myself. Bob sounded good. Strong. Very much himself. I am glad.
I think that little kids just KNOW when a person is not feeling well. Or maybe when someone is not feeling well, the regular, every day little irritants you normally don't even notice are magnified.
Anyway, It seemed as if Matthew just tried himself yesterday. I don't argue with toddlers... he wanted to argue everything.
I told him to go to the bathroom and potty... he looked at me and then went back to what he was doing. I am not known for tolerating someone deliberately ignoring me with good grace.

He must have asked 50 times... in a row... if he could go outside now. When I told him NO... he asked Tom. Mr C prevented me from spanking Matt's rear for that one. Tom didn't think Matt knew better than to do it.
Then, when his Mom came to pick him up, we sat and visited for a few minutes. Matt used that time to poop his training pants.
I am glad I feel better today, maybe normal kid behaviour won't bug me as much. And, this is the last day of keeping Matt before my 'vacation'. Just two more O'Reilly days. Not that I'm counting down or anything.
Well, maybe I am.
Tom and the boys leave day after tomorrow. Which means I have a gallon and a half of milk, as well as a gallon and a half of orange juice that has to be drank or dealt with. I considered taking the milk and juice to the neighbors, but I don't want them knowing we will be gone for a week. This isn't exactly a neighborhood where they would watch out for our place. It would just give them more opportunity for trouble. Sad.

Guess I better think of some high lactose meal to make.
Personally, oven baked pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy sounds sooo good! But Mr C doesn't like breaded pork chops, nor meals that have a lot of gravy.
(That sort of makes us a really odd couple. Gravy is my favorite food. Becky once said she liked gravy, but her favorite food is ice cream. I told her ice cream would be better- if it were gravy).

Back in the days when I was married to whatshisname, his sister Nancy asked me how to make gravy. When I was showing her, she looked at me so strangely. She says, "Why, you aren't making gravy! You are making WHITE SAUCE!".
I guess that is what they call milk gravy in the north. I like onion gravy and brown gravy as much as I do milk gravy.
Well, Mr Matty Sunshine is awake and having his breakfast. His Mom brought a Sam's sized box of the Kellogg's cereal variety pack. This morning, Matt chose raisin bran. He didn't want raisin bran from the big box of double-raisin bran cereal. He wanted the little box. Okie Dokey. I'm agreeable. Pick your battles.
Have a wonderful day!


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