Monday, May 24, 2010

Library day

The twins are volunteering, and I am just cruising the 'net. Tom and I were on our way to town to buy groceries before 8 am this morning. I had already done more than a mile on the treadmill and showered by then.

I did find the tooth filler stuff at WalMart, and have 'patched' my broken tooth. It says it sets within half an hour, but not to eat for two to three hours. I had a snack of dried fruit mix on the way home from the store, so at least I am not ravenously hungry.

When I got dressed this morning, I figured, just maybe I would see if any of my shorts fit me. Last year, I had to lay on the bed to zip these shorts. Today, I just zipped right into them, without looking like a sausage! So I wore them to town. Normally, I don't wear shorts at all- especially out in public. But I am hoping to get some color on my legs, if only by osmosis, before vacation. At the moment, people need sunglasses to shield their eyes from the blinding white glare of my pale legs. These legs haven't seen the light of day since.... when? Did I even wear shorts camping last summer? So it has been a year or more since they were bare.

So far, I haven't found anyone to watch the TSD when we go on our trip. I may have to take them to Becky's for Tommy to look after. Any volunteers out there?

Guess I will say goodbye for today. The boys have finished up their mission for today. Have a blessed day yourself!

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