Saturday, May 22, 2010

My first real sewing project in YEARS

When the kids were little, I was too busy to try to sew. All I have done, since a baby dress for Becky in 1986, is sew baby blankets and curtains. So I would say these are not bad for an amateur!

These shorts are for Tyrel.
These two fabrics will someday be incorporated into baby dresses.
For this simple pair of shorts, my labor was 3 hours. At O'Reilly wages, that is $23.75 in labor... with pattern cost, fabric, thread, and elastic... these are a pair of $30 shorts!

As I gain experience, and re-use the patterns, my time/labor costs will go down significantly... and the clothes will look better. I'm so proud of me!

I hope I can make shorts for Gavin and dresses for Nickole and Kimber soon!

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Becky said...

Way too cute Mama! I can hardly wait to see dresses from the other material. We likey.

I need to bust out the sewing machine and get to making things also.