Thursday, May 6, 2010


While we fumigated the house today, the boys and I went for a drive over to Spavinaw State Park in NE Oklahoma. It was a nice drive, very beautiful. We enjoyed walking the spillover from the dam. Much to my annoyance, I discovered the memory card from my camera was left at home!

After a short walk, we left Spavinaw SP and headed to another SP, Cherokee. It wasn't so great. As we passed through a little touristy town, which was mostly abandoned during the week, during Spring, I saw a hand lettered sign on a doorway. "NOMINORS".

What on earth is a Nominor?, I wondered. Then I realized the door was an entrance to a bar. It really said "No Minors". The painter just wasn't any too great with spacing!

After we left the Cherokee State Park, we never found the entrance to the Disney State Park, which is also in the area. We ate sandwiches from a convenience store, as the one BBQ place we stopped at first of all refused to acknowledge us at their drive thru window, and we then saw that their BBQ sandwiches were $7.00 EACH! Egads... now that would be a tourist trap meal for sure!

We headed for home, and as we neared, still had a good 45 minutes to kill. So we stopped at AD Distributing... a giant made in china outlet store. It is a lot of fun to walk around there. We arrived home just moments after our 4 hours expired. After a quick run through to open windows, we sat out and enjoyed the gorgeous day some more while the house aired. If it is as nice three weeks from now, when we are due to repeat the treatment, perhaps we will go to Spavinaw again... this time prepared with all the camera components and a picnic! It had a great creek for wading... but none of us were prepared to wade.

Anyway, I hope you got a chuckle from the NOMINOR story. Wish I had a picture to go with it!

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