Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Pictures

And I am sure you will be glad.

Yesterday afternoon, Daniel was cutting up potatoes for supper, and chopped the tip of one of his fingers pretty close to off. It was at an angle, and from the underside through the nail. It remained attached. No way to get it sewn back on, just impossible due to the small size of the area cut through, and that it would of required sewing through his nailbed.

So we direct pressured it, cleaned him up good, and bandaged it. At this morning's bandage change, it looked remarkably good. The portion we were afraid he would lose seems to be sealed back into place and may even heal without losing any flesh.

Unfortunately for supper, Dan and I dashed out of here for a second opinion without giving Sam adequate details on cooking supper. When we returned, we had charcoal slices (formerly potatoes) and crunchy steaks, which not only had cooked too long, but had been started a good 45 minutes too early. It was probably just as well that the taters burned... I noticed as I was looking at Dan's cut, his hands were black with filth. He had started the grill, then forgot to wash his hands before starting to cut off his finger up the potatoes.

While crunching down my steak, I chewed a sliver of bone. I spit it out... only to discover it was not a bone, it was half my molar. Fortunately, that tooth has had a root canal, so I am not in pain.

See, I knew you wouldn't be disappointed at no illustrating pictures, once you had read the story!

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