Sunday, May 23, 2010

well drat!

After working for several hours on this cute little dress, the sewing machine decided not to co-operate any further.
I have been looking for awhile online, trying to find free repair help, but to no avail. In a few weeks, perhaps I will have a bit more 'disposable' income, and can pay a site to walk me through the repair. Or maybe I can find out how much my Son In Law's adopted Grandmother charges to fix machines, she is a sewing machine repair expert.
It seems the timing went out on it. (The bobbin thread won't pick up.)
(Mommy, I promise I didn't abuse the machine!)

Meanwhile, my efforts have come to a screeeeching halt. Right in the middle of the little dress. (If you look at the pattern on the fabric, the little girl bear in the blue dress... that is what this dress will look like when it is finished.)

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Mom said...

did the manual have any 'trouble shooting' pages........or did I even remember to give you the manual....other than that I am not so much help....I have two other machines haha