Monday, May 3, 2010

Once Again

At the Library. The boys are volunteering, and I am sitting here at the computer.

Mr. C went to the grocery store this morning. I was supposed to ride along, but after a rough night, I decided my knee wasn't up to it. I have no idea what is wrong with my knee. I haven't injured it... but it aches, deep in the joint. I know what an aching joint feels like- all I have to do is let my hands get cold and I feel it in my bones, my elbow joints aching to the point of tears. So I am thinking it may just be the creeping up of a bit of age on my knee.

While I am a bit overweight for my height, I don't think it is enough to cause joint problems. Tom got me some Osteo-BiFlex while he was at the store. It says try it for one week and I will notice the difference. I sure hope so. I started out walking on the treadmill yesterday, and quit after 15 minutes when the knee flared up. It has "come and gone" several times over the last few weeks, but seems to have settled in for a stay this week. I didn't push it... there are times when you push past pain in exercise, and other times when the warning ache means to STOP... so I stopped.

Yes, if it isn't better soon or gets worse, I will go talk to the Doc. Last time I mentioned arthritis to him, he said he didn't want to hear about it until it was keeping me from getting out of bed in the mornings. Since he is primarily a geriatric Doctor, I assume he knows there are more side effects and risks to the arthritis drugs than there are benefits, until you reach that point.

I suppose Mr C and I are seriously looking at losing some weight. He has now broken his all time weight record.

Hmm... I sound like an old person discussing medical conditions. Next thing you know, I will be talking bowel movements. Or NOT!


Mother's day is this coming weekend. This year, I have totally let it creep up on me. No fancy picture books or calendars in the works for Mom(s). I have an idea of what to get my Moms... Tom got his Mom a fruit basket ordered when I went online just to look Saturday. I still have to find cards, do some shopping, boxing and mailing. Like, TODAY.

I don't have a nice wish list to make things easier on my kids this year. Gift cards to Amazon, or Borders, or even Shutterfly? Just a nice HI MOM card?

Once the twinks and I are done here, I suppose we will be off shopping. At least tonights supper is already planned. Roast beast sammichs... the au juis kind. Onions sauteed until they are browned, beef onion soup to dip, swiss cheese on grilled rolls. MMMMMM. I had to make my own roast beast this time, and threaten those who wanted to devour the second roast I had set aside for these. Mr C picked up some tasty looking rolls just for these!

Well, That's about all from me today. I have been working on a major blog post, but haven't finished it yet, and haven't hit the notes I want to hit with it... so it remains in my edit stack.

Have a blessed day! Thanks for reading.

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