Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The little hoodlums who used to live next door just came over to tell us our dogs were tearing up their Great Grandpa's trash. Tom stopped the kids' retreat to ask if Richard was still going to have to move.  We are praising God that Richard's home was saved from foreclosure! Another neighbor helped him catch up his payments, according to the kids. We were only able to help through prayer... but God is a mighty God. He helped Richard.

The boys cleaned their rooms. Cleaned AT them, if not completely finishing. This gave me five more loads of laundry. Daniel swept up half a dog from his room... a heaping half dustpan of dog fur. Hope Sam gets his room de-furred.. Maybe I better force them both to mop their rooms.

We are back to *go* as the status.
The date... *sigh*

I headed over to the candle outlet this morning when I got off work. I began debating with myself over the wisdom of the trip before I was even out of the parking lot.
*Internal Debate*
I had only $10.
But I wanted to send candles with Tom and the boys for Mom and Bob. I figured if I put off going til I get paid tomorrow, they could already be on the road... and I was not hauling candles in carry-on through three airports and two security checks.
So If I didn't go TODAY, Mom Arlene and Bob would not get candles this trip.
But you are supposed to go back up next month.
Maybe I still have a few candles stashed at the house from other trips to the candle store.
You can buy candles at the dollar store for ... a dollar.
But they aren't as  nice as the candle store candles.
You only have a quarter tank of gas to last all week.
But tomorrow is payday.
So if  You wait and go tomorrow, You can spend a little more than the $10.
But I won't have candles to give on this trip.
*End internal debate*

Within a couple of miles, I had talked myself clean out of going. I came on home and dug through the boxes on my desk, where I generally keep stuff I intend to give to other people. sure enough, I found candles to send... IF they leave tomorrow. If they don't go tomorrow... maybe I can still sneak off to the candle store and snag up a few, say, as birthday gifts to my friends I will be seeing soon.

I was supposed to go get my hair trimmed tomorrow. Now, that plan is up in the air. It was a multi-purpose trip. The woman who cuts my hair is a friend of mine. We seldom get to visit... and I am more comfortable going over there when Mr C isn't waiting for me at home. I was planning to take over our leftover perishables for her to use... I am sure I will have no need of them with the guys gone. (I tend to grab a frozen dinner or fast food when I'm home alone... indulgences that don't happen often!) Now, I don't know when to get rid of perishables... or even if I should. I thought my friend could go with me to the candle store. I hate not to be able to make firm plans.
Well, that's all for now. Hope you have a blessed day!

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