Thursday, October 28, 2010


I didn't want to announce to the world at large that I was going away on vacation. Pretty much all of my ten or so regular readers already knew I was gone, though. I had set the last half dozen or so posts of pictures to automatically launch each day.

I started out my trip to Ohio, via Texas. That is pretty much the long route from NW Arkansas. I was feeling terrible the day I flew in, and niece Tammy and I had our misadventure. I was up and down all during my time away from home. I spent literally ALL DAY Monday at the DFW airport. The joys of working for an airline are the flight benefits, right? The benefits that let you fly free... on standby. It is difficult, at best, to get in to Port Columbus. Arriving at the DFW Airport before 8 on Monday, I got bumped three times before snagging the LAST seat on the next to the last flight out, arriving in Ohio after 7:00PM.

I hiked DFW, exploring other terminals and enjoying the SkyTram. Major drawback was having to lug my bag all day. It was a simple canvas tote... no wheels. So when I woke up Tuesday with a stiff neck, I assumed it was from lugging too much stuff along with me all day. It was worse Wednesday... my birthday. I didn't let something like a stiff neck and achy muscles stop me from getting out and doing stuff!

We went to the Pumpkin Festival, came home for lunch, then went to Cedar Falls State Park and hiked. Later, I started fajitas for supper, which Daniel finished cooking. We topped off my birthday with pumpkin ice cream, and a pumpkin cake. Pictures are up at Moocrew2. I broke the pictures into groups, so there is more than one set of photos of the trip: My birthday, hiking, and the Pumpkin show.... or something like that. You are welcome to look at all the pictures while you are there!

Getting out of Ohio was going to be a repeat of getting in... so Mr C decided to cut his visit short and drive me home. He is hanging around at home until he has to return to work on Tuesday.

I am back to work, and straightening out the messes made while I was gone. I am not the only dyslexic person at work, but somehow if the numbers are out of order, it jumps out at me more than if things are where they belong.

Have a great day and enjoy the pictures! I will be changing up my blog headers as time allows, using some of my trip photos.

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Tommy said...

I found out through Becky that You were in Ohio.