Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Laid Plans Of Tammy x 2

I have a niece named Tammy. Depending on who you ask... her Dad or her Mom... she was or was not named after me. This past week, Tammy and I had made plans to take care of a bit of legal businesss together. I needed to sign a paper for her- a document that had to be presented at a specific office in TEXAS. Tammy now lives in South Western Oklahoma. I live in Northwest Arkansas. Our business was in Arlington, Texas.

So Tammy got up early and drove to Texas. I worked Friday, before hopping a plane to DFW airport, where Tammy picked me up. We hurried to the Texas State Office of Unscrambling Paperwork, through heavy afternoon traffic. We pulled into an empty parking lot. What was this? No lines ahead? Other cars began pulling in and filling the parking lot as we hastened to get her baby Cris out of the carseat and in to the building.

We heard an angered shout as we approached the door... the TSOoUP was CLOSED... because they were MOVING! They had closed that very afternoon... just about the time I had boarded the plane. They would re-open at the new location on Monday.

Both Tammy and I had other places to be on Monday. None of which were in Texas.

I did get Tammy to drop me off to visit one of my longest standing frinds, Robin. Robin and I have known one another since second grade, and were close friends in High School. Our birthdays are two days apart. hers is TODAY! Happy 50th, Robin!

Have a blessed and wonderful day today. Thanks for reading!

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tammy landoll said...

but i really enjoyed spending time with you even if we didn't get anything accomplished lol