Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy week!

I had made several plans for yesterday... most hinging upon Mr C and the boys going on to Ohio... which they didn't do. Mr C spent the day "preparing"... getting the van loaded, all the pressures and levels checked for the third time this week. I finally decided I was going to go ahead with part of my plans... one of which was to go get my hair cut.

So, instead of asking if I could go, I just announced I was going... and went. My friend Cindi cuts my hair for me,  when we can arrange it. I told her I just wanted it trimmed... and that was what she did. We had a long visit. Other than inhaling a chain smokers second hand smoke for three hours, it was fun. Girls afternoon IN. I had stopped by Sonic and got us onion rings. She had baked peanut butter cookies.

When I got home, Mr C liked the haircut... even if he did object to the person who did it.

After the haircut, I ran by the library to drop off books, and pick up a couple more audio books for the twins to listen to on the ride. Audio books sure make the ride go faster! They had thought they would not be able to listen to any audio books on the drive, as Mr C isn't interested in the reading matter the boys like. I suggested they take their portable CD player, and use it to listen. They BOTH wanted to listen to the CD at the same time, and didn't see how they could do this with headphones, as the CD player only accommodated on pair. I stopped by WalMart, and we looked in the electronics section... where I found an inexpensive two-way jack for the CD player, and got an extra set of headphones. The boys tried it out... It was a perfect solution!

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon... what I thought was just  "smoke inhalation" had turned into a severe sore throat. I announced that supper was "leftovers or whatever you can find." I took some NyQuil, and laid down. Mr C came back and went to bed about 6:30 or 7:00 pm. He got up once to remind the boys to be quiet. He was up by 1:30. I got up then as well, as I felt even worse than before I had gone to bed. I helped him get some last minute stuff together, and took more NyQuil. When that kicked in, I went back to bed to try and get a few hours more sleep, before I had to work.

I woke at 4:15. That's a good half hour before the alarm goes off. I got up and started cleaning the kitchen... the guys left dishes in the sink and trash in the cans. I was feeling so bad, I seriously would of called in to work and just stayed under the covers all day. But I have things that HAVE to get done today... so I went to work. It wasn't too bad as Friday's go. I was done in under 3 hours. I took a DayQuil about half-way through... so I am not totally miserable. I am seriously thinking I am not going to do my walking today. I am at 170.3 miles, with five days left until my birthday.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

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