Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear, Sweet Children

This morning, I walked on the treadmill after work, as I do most mornings. When I got finished, Dan put on the "Eulalia" audio book we have been listening to... which delayed my shower until Mr C got home for lunch.

In laying out my clean clothes for after the shower, I saw the size 10  Lee Rider jeans that I got at the thrift store last time I was in Ft Worth. At the time, I couldn't fasten them, but I had high hopes for "after I finish my 150 miles". So, I tried them on before my shower. I had to lay down to do it, and I had a serious muffin top going on, but I could zip them! And still breathe. And get up off the bed and walk around.

So I came out to show Mr C. I prefaced my showing off the jeans by telling him, "I know I can't actually WEAR them right now, and I have a lot of "muffin" hanging over the top... but LOOK!! I can get in these SIZE 10 JEANS! Just a few months ago, my 14's were so tight I was needing to go on up to a 16. These are 10's!"

I started back down the hall and missed what Sam said to his Dad and brother, but they laughed... so I had to go back and ask.

Sam had commented, "Size 10... HUSKY".

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Mom said...

That is great! and BAD Sam!!!!