Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At least the house is clean?

I dislike coming home from vacation and walking in to a messy house. Unpacking from a trip creates enough havoc as it is. So, with Mr C and the boys supposed to be leaving on Thursday (not me... but hey, I want the place clean anyway!) the boys and I have been cleaning. Laundry, bedrooms, bathrooms, even the fridge have been getting a good scrub down.

And now Mr C says they may not go after all.

Now what will we do for his three weeks off? He may yet go... but he may not. I won't know until he goes... or doesn't. Or starts out and then comes back after a few miles. (Yeah, we have gotten a few miles down the road and turned around before now.)

If he doesn't go, I will be working my regular shift, since I was going to be taking some unpaid time off to go up for a few days in the middle of his time there. If I knew for sure he was planning to stay home, I could of NOT cleaned house... it would of given him something to do with his time off!

Uncertainty is one thing I have trouble dealing with. It is paralyzing. Do I prepare for this thing, or for that thing?  I try to be like a boy scout, be prepared... no matter what. (I think I'd rather walk little old ladies across the street!). It is just too much to be prepared either way... if we stay, I need to be getting groceries instead of using up all the perishables I can. If we go, there are people I need to notify.

One thing I have tried to do, is never get my hopes up for something. I am better at it than I used to be. I try to warn my kids when something we have planned to do may not come about, so that if the big event comes around and we aren't part of it, they at least had some advanced notice.

Stay tuned... the Indicision is Final!

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