Sunday, October 10, 2010

But First

I have been cleaning this morning. That was my original plan for the day. But first I had to get my treadmilling done.
Then I went in to shower... and decided that FIRST, I ought to clean the house, so I wouldn't need to shower again later.
Our toilet seat had broken in half, and we had bought a replacement seat yesterday. I was elected to do the replacing. But first I had to clean the toilet. So I sprayed cleaner on it, and went in search of a rag to wipe it off with. No rags to be found, aside from in the dryer. So I took the clothes from the dryer and was going to start looking for a rag in the load.

But first, as long as I was in the laundry room, I may as well start a load of clothes. And since this load of light clothes was not quite full, I could add the shower curtain. So back to the bathroom I went to get the shower curtain. I got the load of clothes going. Then I got a rag- which I had to create by cutting up a see- through bath towel. Back to the bathroom again. I got the toilet scrubbed, but had to go back to the laundry room to get tools to get the nylon bolts off the old toilet seat. Back to the bathroom again. Old seat off. More scrubbing ensues. (EEEEEWWWWW!!!!)

Eventually, the new seat was installed. The rest of the bathroom was sparkled clean. I got out the vacuum for the living room... but before I could get more than the rug done, Tom calls me. He is sending me for new brakes for the van. But first... I need to shower so I can put on clothes. I do not go to town in ratty pajamas. I get my clean clothes laid out, even remembered a towel... I failed to remember that the shower curtain was in the washing machine. I took an awkward , curtainless shower.

I remembered to take the van's VIN number with me to O'Reilly's... and good thing I did. The at-home look up, to be sure we had the part in stock, said my van used brake pads. The VIN number, put into the computer at work, indicated brake SHOES. I went with the shoes. Got home, decided I was about to fall out with hunger, and would eat something before getting back on task.

I went into the laundry room to see what we had to cook in the freezer... may as well cook for everyone while I am at it, right? I see neither the washer nor dryer are currently operating. So I got the load from the dryer, put the one from the washer on to dry, and started another load. I looked in the freezer (finally) and decided we had more chicken thighs than anything else... and elected to get these on to cook.

I decided to make a version of Aunt Jean's Chicken and Rice. I am the only one who likes it her way, with the slight hint of orange juice in the rice. I figured I could bake it in the slow cooker crock in the oven. But first... wash the crock out thoroughly. I got as far as measuring the rice and water, when Tom needed me outside. Seems Sam, the assigned Dad helper, has wandered off. Tom need three or four hands for what he was doing. So I left the kitchen, and got filthy nasty holding brake shoes in place while Tom wrestled with springs. He finally got all the springs attached... only to discover an extra part... it was  one of those "but first" pieces that go on before the springs. So, off came the springs and we started again.

I gave Dan instructions on finishing what I was doing to the chicken and get it on to bake. After the first wheel was done, both Dan and Sam came outside to chat with Dad as he worked. I came in and was REALLY feeling faint... I never had made it to a snack or meal! I popped a couple of pieces of Italian bread into the toaster and went to open some Marzetti's balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The lid is sealed on with a plastic safety sleeve, which I struggled to get off. Once it was removed... I thought, I out to shake this before I pour it. Well, I left out a step there... BUT FIRST I ought to be sure the lid is tightly closed before I shake it. A vigorous right, left shake -left Marzetti's strung across the kitchen... dripping down cabinets, dishwasher, stove, and fridge. My toasted bread popped up... but first I had to clean up the mess I had just made.

I gobbled down the toasted bread, just as Tom came in. His helpers had both abandoned him, and he was upset I wasn't out helping. So back out I go. He was struggling with the springs of this second wheel, finally getting them in place. He kept looking at it, saying, "Something isn't right." He finally stood up and stepped back. I found a small compression spring squished into the dirt where he had been sitting. Guess what? It was another "But First", before the other springs went on. At this point, Mr C decided it was time for a break. Time to step away for a few minutes.

The brakes are now in place. Mr C is getting the wheels back on, so it can go for a test drive. The chicken in the oven is starting to smell really delicious. The washer is finished with its load, but the dryer is playing catch up. The shower curtain is clean, but not yet rehung. And I am filthy with grease, dirt and brake dust. Guess I might as well of showered earlier, because I have to have another one now!

I ordered this baby doll for Kimber Ann's birthday. (Watch the mail, Becky!) As I went searching for it today... WOW. The price has almost doubled over what I paid for it yesterday! Mr C had wanted me to find a doll like Becky's Judy. This was as close as I could come. I also didn't want to spend more on one grandbaby than another, so I found one about the same price as Nickole's first baby doll was.

Let me remind my dear family and friends... if you are shopping on Amazon... please... pretty please... link to them through my blog!

Have a blessed afternoon. Hope your day is not as full of "But Firsts" as mine has been!

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Mom said...

well sounds like one of my days...except you were able to at least finish most of your 'but firsts'....I just go thru the day starting things...then see something else...something else...and at the end of the day I am worn to a frazzle and none of the things ever get done.