Friday, October 8, 2010

Thirteen years ago

On this day, thirteen years ago... several of my kids were at rehearsal. I think this was the Rainmaker play. It was the day after Benjamin's birthday.
We got the call that no one ever wants to hear: Tom's father had passed away. Tom did not do well. Our dear neighbor Leesa came and got all the younger kids and took them home with her. I drove to the school myself and got Chris and Bill.
There was no sleeping that night. I was up preparing to fly to Ohio. There is always so much to do before any trip, when you are taking seven kids and two adults to another state. This time, there was no advance preparation. Not only did we have to travel, we had to have acceptable clothes, both for flying and for the funeral. Clothes had to be purchased, for the most part. At the ages my kids were, they were all growing so quickly nothing we already had would fit.

Eventually, clothes were washed, ironed, packed. Flight arrangements made, animal care arrangements taken care of. How awesome to be part of a caring neighborhood!
Today is the anniversary of  Bob C.'s passing. I haven't reminded Mr C about it... some anniversaries are best left unmentioned if not remembered. Not that we don't think of Bob.

American Eagle was awesome. Not only did they take care of all the flight arrangements, they had us met at gate transfer points and driven to destination gates. The kids were subdued, and so well behaved.

Tom's Dad went so quickly. We never know how long we have here on this Earth. Be sure you tell your family members that you love them! If you are estranged from any of them, make an effort... if only a card to say "I am thinking of you!"
Have a blessed day.

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