Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The boys and I have been working on this Snoopy puzzle all week. Just finished it today!
We are using ModPodge to glue it to a foam core board. The puzzle is a photo mosaic. Each piece is composed of small portions of cartoon frames. (see enlarged picture below.)
Meanwhile, I woke with a migraine yesterday. I seldom get them... this is only three times in the last 6 years... but they are sure an awful thing. I was barely over that when Mr C came home with the flu. He has run a fever of well over 100* (102-104*) even with fever reducers. So he is miserable. I have had a small nagging headache all day today- which I attribute to lack of sleep. Mr C was so sick last night he kept me awake.
Anyway, I have missed walking for the last few days- so I am getting behind on my goal. I have 8.7 miles to go before the end of the month. It is still do-able, so long as I can avoid the flu myself.
Have a blessed afternoon!
***PS*** on my cooking blog today, my grandson Connor guest hosts with his recipe for BBQ Chicken sandwiches. If you try his recipe, leave a comment for him to read. Thanks!

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