Tuesday, January 11, 2011

plodding along still...

Another week under way!
We go to Texas to get Dan and Sam this weekend. For the moment, we are planning to pick them up in East Texas, but if Stephen ends up having to work, we will just pick them up at Becky's in West Texas.

I am trying to cook less and cook lighter. So for supper tonight: Oven "Fried" Jalepeno Chicken , Fried cabbage (chop cabbage and onion while bacon frys. Remove and crumble bacon, leaving small about of bacon grease in skillet. Add chopped cabbage and onion. Cover. Stir frequently until cabbage is tender. Add the crumbled bacon if you didn't already eat it all.) and steamed cauliflower. (I may "mash" the cauliflower like potatoes, but not sure yet. I saw that on Rachael Ray!) Oh, and to perk up the color factor (and rachet up the flatulence even MORE) I will nuke the leftover sweet potato I baked a few nights ago.

Yeah, so not so light and fit, with the cabbage in bacon grease. I You could steam the cabbage along with the cauliflower, but then how would I you  disguise the overpowering smell of bacon from the bacon sandwich I you had earlier?

Tomorrow is going to be a heavy day at work, I have already been warned! Literally heavy, with a particular product weighing some 40 lbs. each being ordered... more than 30 last I heard. Tomorrow may be another day that a hot shower just won't cut it. I had to have a hot soaky bath with epsom salts today!

We only got about 2" of the big snow storm that has frosted the nation. the roads aren't too bad... completely dry in some place, a bit slick in others. Just north os us a couple of miles is s different story, they really got pounded.

Well, as I am late typing this today, Mr C has arrived home. I best fed him. have a blessed night!

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