Friday, January 21, 2011

Fast Month

January is 2/3 over with! I know this week has really flown by. Tomorrow is one week since we went and got Daniel and Sam in Duncan.

We had about four inches of snow here yesterday, and are due to get more on Sunday. The water was froze up again when I got home from work this morning. I just assumed that it was the same problem as when it froze up last week, so I didn't do any investigating. When Tom came home for lunch, he asked if we had turned on the heat in the well house. Nope... I assumed that he had left the heat on out there, as we have had single digit temperatures since yesterday. He went out and turned on the heater in the well house, and within an hour, the water was flowing again. As it had been working fine when I left this morning, I just didn't consider it would be iced up anywhere except at the shallowly buried dig spot, like last time.

Tomorrow is Connor's birthday party. Dan and Sam are looking forward to getting to bowl. They helped choose Connor's birthday present. Considering his party theme, I think he will like what they chose. (Skateboard theme... they chose a shirt with a skateboarder on it).

I cooked a roast yesterday, fully intending to make soup for supper tonight with the leftovers. I told the twins... but forgot to mention it to Mr C. I had a phone call about the time he walked in the door for lunch, so went to the back of the house where I could hear to carry on a conversation. When I came back out... the leftover roast was Tom's lunch. So I will be having to think of something else for supper tonight. Maybe "wings".

I have a turkey thawing in the fridge, it should be ready to cook by Sunday. No special occasion, I just had two turkeys in the freezer from holiday sales, and need to get them used up. I am glad I can cook turkey again, and like it! (My ex husband was (probably still IS) obsessive/ compulsive. He would get paid every other week, and stop by the grocery store on his way home. He would buy a turkey EVERY PAYDAY, because turkey was cheap and went a long way. Especially when it was four people... two of which were less than four years old. I became very proficient at cooking turkey. And so sick of it, it was years before I could do more than make one at Thanksgiving.)

Dan and Sam just requested we go do a short day hike. It is almost up to 29* out! So we are going to make the short drive over to the Eagle Walk. Tom and I drove past it the other day, and there are plenty of eagles around. It is just a few miles from our house. (We happen to live along an eagle migration route, and American Bald Eagles are a commonly sighted bird around here.)

Have a blessed afternoon!

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