Friday, January 28, 2011


Friday for most people anyway!
I still have to work tomorrow... for what that's worth. I am usually finished in less than two hours on Saturdays. So most of the day is free.

The boys and I went on a shopping run this afternoon. We had two coupons good for $5 off a $25 purchase at the Dollar General Store. We have two of these stores near us. The boys were also looking for some specialized small pliers to work on chain maille. So we went by the ATM and got out some cash, checked O'Reilly's for the pliers. We were referred to a local import store, where the boys did find their pliers. I found some "cheater" glasses for Tom. I buy them cheap and he has them all over the place. They get broken, misplaced, left at work, in the car... so I am always on the lookout for these. (1.27 per pair!) I also found a "monthly planner" for 2011... for .49 cents.

Then we went to the two Dollar stores, spending roughly $30 at each store. I got items I would usually get at WalMart. Many items are less expensive than they are at WalMart for name brand items. Ocean Spray Craisins  $1.85 a bag, Liptons Onion Soup mix, $1.00) Check out your local Dollar General store for groceries and see how well they compare!

Next we filled up with gas ($30 for my little car!) and headed home. I have been letting the boys take turns driving the last mile or two home. Dan drove on the way out, Sam on the way home. (In Arkansas, you can get a learner's permit at 14 1/2 years of age. Scary, huh?) They aren't doing too bad at all.

Now I have laundry going. The sweat soaked sheets are in the washer right now... Mr C is on the mend. The boys potted up some treelets I have had rooting in water, into some small pots from the Dollar Store. Tommy has already requested one for his new place. He moves Tuesday into his and Ben's new place in Ballinger, Texas. I wish I could throw a housewarming party for them!

I am hoping Mr C is feeling well enough that we can go DO something tomorrow. The weather here hit the low 60's today, sunny and beautiful. If it is just as nice tomorrow, a hike would sure be nice. The boys have the windows open, and the house airing out after so many weeks of being closed up tight. Guess we will see what the morrow brings!

Have a blessed weekend!

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Mom said...

I know the boys are excited about their house! How about a 'housewarming by mail' party! A lot of places are offering free or almost free shipping right now...or they could even use a gift card to stock up on supplies they will be needing. It can get expensive to get started 'from scratch'. I know they would appreciate anything they get!!!