Friday, January 14, 2011

Contingency Plans

Mr C and I have been married for 26+ years now. We are of very different temperaments when it comes to planning things.
Mr C is a very "fly by the seat of your pants" type. I like things decided. Or should I say, DECIDED! I like to be able to let family know whether or not to expect us for an event, and WHEN they can expect us... even if it is an approximation for the hours.

Mr C waits until the car is pretty much loaded with the things I have planned to take, before he even packs a bag. Yep... the car may as well be warming up to (finally!) leave on a trip before he even starts to pack. I am getting better about not packing a week ahead of time.

I have learned to cope over the years. I hate to leave folks dangling about dates and times, so I let them know what is going on, promising to inform them of the (ahem) final decision. Most of the family has learned that, as Daniel puts it, "Dad's indecision is final." All plans are subject to change and revision. Endless. Revision.

This weekend's plans to retrieve The Twins has been carefully laid out, with back-up and contingency plans all in place. It looked like "Plan A" was a solid go... until just a short time ago. Now, It seems that "Plan B" may actually be the one we go with. (This time, it isn't Mr C who has been indecisive, it has been the whims and fates of my son in law's job.) While awaiting a call back from my daughter, to see if her "Plan B" allows us to go with our "Plan A", I am even yet developing a "Plan C".

I have learned to make contingency plans. At work, I took off tomorrow and Monday, so I am ready, no matter what!

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