Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Jaffa's viewpoint

Hi. It's me again... Jaffa the Bad Dog. Along with my partner here, Drover.

Our boys have been gone visiting their sister for a couple of weeks now. She brought her pups kids to our house, then went and took our boys back to Texas with her.
We sure do miss 'em.
One of our boys always let us bed down in his room.
Since they been gone, mean old Mom has kept their doors closed. This mean old Mom, she has even washed OUR beds... and blankets too! (She said the house was smelling like "dog".  She said it like it was a bad thing! Honest, we don't mind smelling like dogs. )
But the beds, and blankets.... Phew-wee! They smell like some flowery- stinky stuff now.

Would you believe she even washed Dad's blankets and stuff too? Poor Dad. He sure is hooked up to one mean woman.
Me and Drover, though, we thought we'd help Dad out. While Mom was busy in the front of the house, on that computer box she's always tapping away on, we climbed up on Dad's bed and got under the covers. It was really  smelly. I fluffed the blankets back, and Drover hopped up and helped me. We licked Dad's spot all clean of that flowery smell. Then we curled up so his bed would be all warm for him when he got home.

We hadn't been there but a couple of hours when Mom came down the hall. She was headed to do some business in the sitting room. I was afraid she was headed in to there so she could give me and Drover a bath... They hose us down something awful in them sitting rooms some times.

Well, she musta forgot what she was headed back there for, 'cause when she seen us warming up Dad's spot, she went to screeching and screaming something awful. We  leaped down from there and high tailed it up the hall and behind the couch. She come running after us, but we was too fast for her.

Then, you wouldn't believe what she did next!
She stripped all the covers off Dad's bed and went and stuffed them in that rumbling water box... and a few hours later... they was all stinked up again with that flowery smell. She put them on the bed like that!

Me and Drover, we couldn't let Dad sleep on that awful smell.
We heard him complaining about the house smelling bad... he ought to see Mom spraying that stinky stuff around. She keeps some in a can, and sprays it around when he isn't looking.
If he caught her, he'd sure make her stop.
But anyways, we hopped back up on that bed first chance we got, and went to licking that smell off Dad's place.
This time Dad himself came in!
We just knew he'd be grateful. We didn't expect he'd show his gratitude like Mom did... a bellowing and hollering at us. Dad even threw a shoe at us!
He must of been really mad at Mom for stinking his covers up with that flowery stuff.

At his "lunch time" today, Dad came in talking about how tired he was. I'm sure it was because he can't even sleep on them stinky sheets! He took the cushions off the couch and made it out to a bed, and  layed down there for a nap.

I guess mom will be sorry NOW that she stinked Dad's bed up. He won't even sleep in it.

I waited my chance, once Dad went back to work today.
I was determined to help him. I sneaked back in to Dad's room... not even bothering to wake Drover for his help... and I had just got my two front paws into Dad's bed when .....

Out of nowhere Mom shows up!
She started hollering and screeching again, and chased me clean out of Dad's room.
How's a dog supposed to help his master when the Mean old Mom won't even let him into Dad's room?

I just don't know. But I'm waiting my chance.

(With apologies to John R. Erickson, author of the Hank the Cowdog book series.

My youngest five kids all loved Hank the Cowdog. Daniel and Sam named one of our dogs "Drover", after Hank's assistant.
The above blogged story is my own original work, modeled after a Hank The Cowdog story, told from Jaffa's point of view.
Thanks for reading!


Mom said...

This is great!!! Msybe you should be writing books....$$$$$$

truth said...

Oh you do live with a mean old mommy. I can't believe she'd be like that.