Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2nd...

Tomorrow is my Granny's 96th birthday. I dreamed of her and my PawPaw last night, asking Tom if  I could stay and visit them just a little longer, because this was probably the last time... (PawPaw has been gone for about 27 years now).

Today, Tom and I went for a drive. We took in three states- Arkansas, to Missouri, to Oklahoma, and back into Arkansas. Arrived home to discover Jaffa seems to think he can snuggle into our BED any time he pleases (I chased both dogs from my bed yesterday!). He had licked a large wet spot onto Tom's side of the bed... and since I washed the sheets yesterday ....eeeewwww! Looks like they get washed again today.
(Uh, no. I do not like dogs much... and even LESS on my bed. Why do you ask?)

Tomorrow, I also work inventory over in Rogers, from 1:00pm until finished. Won't that be fun? Maybe it will make up some time since I finished in less than two hours on three days this past week. The next best thing to not having a job... except I have to show up five or six days a week. Next weekend, I work inventory at our hub store from 8 or 9 am until we finish.
Sometime tomorrow, I have to come up with a gift for my good friend, who never misses an occasion to lavish upon me. I am at a loss. She has no room for more collectibles or trinkets, as she has recently had her family added to by two (teen) children. Her birthday is Monday. I just have no idea what to do for her birthday, though I really have been thinking about it for weeks.

Tonight, we will have leftovers. we have plenty: Pork roast and 'kraut, or black-eyed peas, or shrimp, or rice, and mashed potatoes... cooking for two is hard for me. ( I napped yesterday and Mr C made the mashed potatoes. All I had were HUGE baking sized potatoes... and after seeing the tremendous amount of mashed potatoes, asked him how many he had cooked. "Only four or five"
Seriously, these potatoes were so big, one would have been enough, and two would have given us fewer leftovers...  at least I am not the only one having trouble cooking for two.)

Well, tomorrow is yet another day. I have been praying for "something to change". I picked up the Bible today and randomly opened it. I opened to 2nd Kings Ch 7:1 By this time tomorrow... (Things will have drastically changed.) I pray our changes are good!
Have a blessed day!

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