Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to Work...

At least I am feeling much better. Work was WORK today. I didn't get out of there until nearly noon. And once I got home, the boys asked if we could go to the library. So here I am, while they do their volunteer stuff.
Afterwards, I need to go by WalMart and get the groceries that were not bought this weekend. I also want to go by Hobby Lobby and SEE how much aframe and mat would be for my birthday sketch Chris commissioned. If you'd like to see it, it is at http://www.moocrew3.shutterfly.com/pictures It is the one of all the grandkids together. The one of Connor and Alana was commissioned for Jennifer. While at Hobby Lobby, I want to check in to how much some good drawing colored pencils would be for Sam. I am armed with a 40% off (single item) coupon!
Still to be decided is: tonight's supper!
I haven't done my walking today... and this may be one of my days it just does NOT get done.

At least having a goal is keeping going on the treadmill... I made the goal for the last 3 months... and good thing I had a few surplus miles worked in... because I have only done about 6 miles this month.

Oh another errand... the post office. Got some stuff I need to get mailed to Becky and the boys in Texas. I lumped it all into one box... figuring they can sort it out easily once it arrives, and they see each other frequently.

That's about all I can think of for today. Have a blessed afternoon!

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